Who We Are

Orbith is the only wholesale provider of high-speed
Internet services for rural and suburban areas using a new,
high-capacity, low-cost satellite technology.

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About us

Our goal is to reduce the digital divide and meet the dormant demand for connectivity services in low-density areas of households per square kilometer, because these geographies can not be covered by fiber optic, cable or wireless networks of traditional telecommunications operators.

High demand and low competition in these areas, combined with this new technology low cost and high speed deployment, allow the development of a profitable and scalable business model.

About us

More than half of Latin America’s households don’t have internet access, and the current services offer is concentrated exclusively in urban centers due to the limitations of terrestrial networks. This situation leaves no connectivity options to households that are located in cities periphery or in rural zones.

Internet is today a need and a right of everyone, our mission is to deliver high speed Internet in every corner of Latin America.


Our datacenter and teleport is located in Laredo, Texas (USA), a premium geographic position for Amazonas 3 satellite communications and service needs. Categorized as a highly available data center, it enables us to deliver reliable and scalable satellite internet services.

Data Center at a glance:

• Non-toxic fire suppression device
• Redundant backup power system
• Access control and intrusion prevention
• Security and monitoring services
• Redundant cooling system
• VESDA fire preventive system


New High Throughput Satellite technology

New HTS satellites are revolutionizing the internet market in rural areas.

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