We connect your organization at top speeds. Achieve your
communication goals even in the most remote or difficult
to reach places.

We develop connectivity solutions tailored to the needs of each client. Whether it’s a corporation that needs to connect a critical location to its network, a telecommunications operator that requires cellular backhaul, a government that wants to provide broadband to the local community or rural school, or a small business that wants to access the internet at high speed, Orbith can help.

Corporate Solutions

We provide connectivity solutions that require high capacity and availability in hard to reach areas.

• Speeds up to 200 Mbps per site
• Availability greater than 99.8%
• High speed of deployment

Mobile Backhaul

We expand the reach of mobile networks by providing satellite links for 2G/3G/LTE or WiFi sites in remote areas.

On-demand capacity growth
GTP Acceleration
WiFi Offloading

Government Services

We provide reliable, cost-effective solutions for governments so they can deliver instant internet connectivity in any community that lacks terrestrial infrastructure.

WiFi access points
Internet for rural schools
Connectivity in case of natural disasters

Connectivity for SMEs

We cater connectivity solutions at affordable prices for small or medium businesses with presence in areas located outside the reach of fiber optic, cable or DSL networks.

• Immediate connectivity
• 24-hour technical support
• Tailor-made plans

How it works?

We offer a high speed internet service to your company with high capacity communication satellites. Using a simple modem and an external antenna, access the internet via satellite at maximum speeds. Transmit and receive data just like a terrestrial or wireless service, but without the limitations of traditional cabling.

Always-on connection

We keep your organization running with our "always connected" service. Orbith offers broadband satellite internet with guaranteed service levels for uncut connectivity. We also offer backup services to complement terrestrial connections.

• Always connected to internet
• Service Level Agreement (SLA)
• Proactive monitoring

Worry free internet

When choosing a satellite Internet service, our customers demand high availability and exceptional performance. We can provide services with assured bandwidth for specific applications and ensure high performance.

Flexible and guaranteed bandwidth
Solutions tailored to your needs
Bandwidth for specific applications

Simple installation and configuration

Order Orbith services and our installation team will connect your company to satellite internet easily and quickly.

Technical teams throughout the country
Deployment support
Simple installation guide


New High Throughput Satellite technology

New HTS satellites are revolutionizing the internet market in rural areas.

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More information?

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